Quality Governance, a research and advocacy group, carried out a survey between the period of June 2023 to October 2023 and one of the key findings of the their survey was that many Ghanaians view the Presidential and Parliamentary elections of 2024 as going to vote for idiots who had no clue of how to better their lots.

According to the survey, since 1992, what has changed has been the story line and nothing else. It is more of what to say to win the minds and hearts of the electorate and not what one can do to better the lots.

The conclusion of the survey was that Ghanaians and for that matter the electorates were fed up to vote in the coming elections.

The situation is therefore scary for a country whose democracy is only 31years. It therefore calls on the electorates to also change their ways. We have been blaming the very people that we elect ourselves as being the course of our problems and not blaming ourselves for not asking the critical questions. What yardsticks for instance have the voters being using to vote in a particular direction? Is it based on the competence, character and the credibility of the candidate? Do we vote based on the Plan that is presented by the candidate? Do we interrogate the Plan if any to establish the workability of it? If we as voters do not do any of the above, then we can not take ourselves from the blame and that one can safely put the blames of our current mess on the voters.

Politicians mostly do not have solutions to our problems. In fact most of the politicians we have in this country have not had any real life hands on experience that makes you think that they have what it takes to solve your problems. The typical Ghanaian politician under the forth republic has his or her political journey fashioned in simple terms. The person enters any of the tertiary instititions, joins either the TESCON or the TEIN, follow the Cheer Up Boy syndrome (Chooboi) and when his party wins, is offered an appointment. What real life experience does that person have, that you think can solve the problems that you have? At best they only come in to mess up and then when they have found 10% solutions to the problems that they themselves created, they pay the media so much to make noise that they have done something. That is how the Ghanaian has been treated to under the 4th Republic.

It always beat any serious imagination that I give you my tax to use it to construct roads, build hospitals,schools and other infrastructure etc and when you have done a smaller percentage of it, want me that paid for it to praise you.Praise you for what?

The politics of today’s Ghana is no more about policies and Plan.We have replaced policies and plan with whoever has stolen enough money and is ready to pay the delegates as you call them a fraction of it.

The institutions we have in this country are all gradually dying and if care is not taking,this country will not have the maximum participation of citizens in our democracy.

The idea that Ghanaian citizens believe we have idiots that we are voting for and what will be the yardstick to vote on is who amongst them is less idiot is not only pathetic but sad.

If the question is that we have more idiots that wants to enter parliament which one cannot control to a large extent,then what the country can do to save itself is to choose a President who is not an idiot. The 1992 constitution fortunately or unfortunately has vested so much power in the hands of the President. This means that it is more dangerous to have an idiot as a President than having idiots as parliamentarians.Government policies and programs emanates from the executive and so if one has a President who has real life experience and has the credibility that is unblemish, character that suites development and the competence to carry through his programs,that will take care of the deficiency that parliament will offer.

The 2024 presidential election at least for now will feature Alan Kyerematen,John Mahama, Mahamudu Bawumia and Nana Kwame Bediako.This is the question that confronts the country. It is important to note that two out of the four have occupied the Presidency of this land and here reference is made to John Mahama and Mahamudu Bawumia.

The electorates are to do only one thing come 2024 which is to ask themselves a simple question that what Plans did these people come to power with and how did their plans affect their livelihood if there was any?

The Vice President who is the flagbearer of the Npp is still at post not having the slightest clue as to how to take the country from its current mess is able to still assure Ghanaians that he has what it takes after 2024 to deliver when he has power to do whatever he intends to do in 2025 now. If your inaction today leads to Ghanaians dying before he becomes the President,will the Vice President preside over an empty land? There is a reason why President is attached to the Vice and he must at all material times know that he wields power to affect lives. His inability to affect lives today makes him not competent enough to be voted for as President and this the electorates must not forget.

The former President John Mahama also in a similar position with the flagbearer of the Npp cannot be convincing enough when his tenure witnessed one of the darker moments in the country’s history. Here again lack of real life experience exposed the former President in his inability to offer hope when he had the opportunity.

The question then becomes who should the electorates settle on then?. The issue of who has the Plan therefore becomes more apparent.Alan Kyerematen has provided us with a Plan. The Plan focuses on job creation and healthy economy. The plan aims at dealing ruthlessly with corruption and is a plan that offers hope to the youth who are the future of this country. This plan is the GTP. The GTP focuses on Agriculture, Industrialisation, Tourism and Information Technology just to mention a few. This plan was unleashed as far back as January of 2023. Anyone that is serious to lead this country must have his plans readily available before he decides to even be a candidate.The electorates must ask why the NDC and the NPP candidates do not have their plans readily available now but asking you to wait for a while.It only tells you they are not prepared and have no clue and are only now assembling tricksters to put forward unworkable plans with only slogans just to steal your minds so you vote for them to continue their usual grabbing.

The electorates must therefore know that it is for a reason that the 1992 constitution mandates only people of sound mind to be registered to vote. We must show to the world on the 7th of December 2024 that indeed we are of sound mind and judgement by voting for a candidate that is not an idiot but has a Plan which plan is workable.

With the options available,the one that started working in private life at Unilever,moved to consultancy, trained more Ghanaians in entrepreneurship, moved back into public life, introduced more Special Initiatives is your answer.Vote wisely to save the country.

Alan is your option.

By: Solomon Owusu,
Spokesperson, Movement for Change