Hon. Amidu Issahaku Chinnia, the Member of Parliament for the Sissala East Constituency and deputy Minister of Sanitation and Water Resources, has demonstrated outstanding performance in the development of roads within the area over the past three years.

Sissala East, known as the food basket of the Upper West Region, has long grappled with challenges in its road infrastructure, impeding the smooth transportation of agricultural produce and people within and outside the constituency.

Since Hon. Amidu Chinnia’s election to represent the constituency in 2020, significant progress has been made in the development of roads across various parts of the area.

Hon. Amidu Chinnia has successfully advocated for the rehabilitation of several road projects in the constituency, with notable achievements including the 90% completion of the Stadium residential roads, Mandela road, and the 95% completion of Bawkala, Pieng, and Challu roads.

Additionally, the Tanvele road has been completed at 100%, while the Bugubelle, Tarsor, Kulfuo road stands at 60% completion, and the Wahabu to Wallembelle road at 85% completion.

It is evident that within just three years of assuming office, Hon. Chinnia has surpassed the combined efforts of the previous NDC candidates, Hon. Hajia Halutie and Hon. Alijata, who held the seat for a total of eight years.

The constituents have expressed their disappointment in the lack of meaningful progress in the road infrastructure during the tenure of the previous NDC candidates.

Despite a Sissala man from the NDC serving as the Road minister in the neighbouring Sissala West Constituency, little progress was made in addressing the pressing road infrastructure needs in the constituency.

Hon. Amidu Isshahaku Chinnia’s remarkable efforts in road development clearly demonstrate his commitment to improving the infrastructure and livelihoods of the people in the Sissala East Constituency.