Empire Foundation, spearheaded by EIB boss, Nathan Kwabena Anokye Adisi, aka Bola Ray, and his wife, Dorcas Anokye Adisi, has presented some items to the SOS Children’s villages.

The donation formed part of an annual birthday donation exercise by Bola Ray, which is meant to enrich the lives of the children housed there. The Foundation donated items including; bags of rice, cooking oil, stationery, clothes, shoes, toiletries, and an undisclosed amount of money.

In 2017, to mark his birthday, Bola Ray adopted a house for twelve months, ensuring adequate shelter, nourishment, education, outfitting, upkeep, and nurturing for over 10 beneficiaries. In 2015, Bola Ray and the Empire Foundation presented a gift of a Pajero 4X4 vehicle to supplement the transportation needs of the Children’s Village and a hefty cash component towards the maintenance of the vehicle.

Accepting the foundation’s kind gesture, the board chairman of SOS Children’s Villages, Mr. Christian Appiah, heaped praise on Bola Ray and his wife for supporting Children’s Villages consistently for the past 15 years.

He said, “As Ambassadors for SOS Children’s Villages, we are grateful for your constant support; thank you for supporting the well-being of children for 15 years, and we also entreat you to invite others to come to our aid as we celebrate the village’s 50th anniversary.”

Speaking on behalf of the Foundation, Bola Ray, who is also the village’s ambassador, said, “We will ensure that there will be more support for this advocacy. Empire Foundation will always be back to support the SOS.”

He also acknowledged JayKay Industries Limited and all individuals for supporting the donation.

To celebrate Bola Ray’s constant support for the village, he is named after a house in the village, the ‘Bola Ray House/Empire House’. Some of the children were also present to celebrate his birthday with a profound message and also expressed their gratitude.

Bola Ray and his Empire Foundation have made it a duty to help provide for the needs of these less-privileged children.

The donation took place at the SOS Children’s Villages headquarters at Asylum Down on Thursday, February 29, 2024.

Empire Foundation supported the SOS Children’s Villages, Ghana, to enrich the standard of living of the children housed at the premises.

The Children’s Village, which provides a community for a perfect family-strengthening system, was opened in 1974 and has since raised many astute and talented children.

According to the operators of the home, in the village, 15 SOS families provide a “loving home to children who can no longer live with their parents for a myriad of reasons”.