Award-winning Musician, Kuame Eugene has been injured in a car crash on the George Walker Bush Highway close to the DSTV office at Abelenkpe in Accra.

He rammed into a tipper truck from behind at around 11:30pm on Sunday, March 17, 2024.

The severity of the impact of the crash has left his Range Rover vehicle badly damaged with all the airbags popping out.

ModernGhana Editor, Emmanuel Ajarfor who chanced on the crash, arranged for a vehicle to convey him together with one person onboard to UGMC hospital.

“I was behind them so I stopped and rushed to rescue them. That was when I realised it was Kuame Eugene. He had a broken wrist and a deep cut on his right hand,” the Journalist said.

Police officers from the Achimota Police Station were called to the scene.