Human Rights Lawyer, Francis Xavier Sosu will Tuesday, April 2, 2024 petition the Inspector-General of Police, to cause the arrest of 63-year-old Nuumo Borketey Laweh XXXIII, the Gborbu Wulomo for marrying a 12-year-old girl.

According to the lawyer, the Ga Priest has violated the Constitution of Ghana, and the Children’s Act hence he must be ruthlessly dealt with according to law.

”My petition to the IGP is ready by the grace of God and I will be in the IGP’s office by 9:00 am demanding action in this matter. The demand is that what we have heard if it’s true violates the Constitution, violates the rights of this little child, violates the Children’s Act and it’s criminal. So, he needs to be arrested and that is consistent with Article 17 of the Constitution which states that everyone shall be equal before the law whether you are a Wulomo, Chief, or Minister of State. Everyone is equal before the law and no one shall be discriminated against on grounds of position or social status. So, if he has violated the law he must be arrested and prosecuted,” lawyer Sosu who’s a Member of Parliament for Madina-Abokobi said in an interview with TV3.

The marriage ceremony held on March 30, 2024, sparked widespread outrage and calls for the traditional priest, Nuumo Borketey Laweh Tsuru XXXIII’s prosecution.

According to the Gborbu Wulomo temple, Naa Yomo Ayemuade has been designated to attend to one of the 99 deities of the Ga-Adangbe group, which necessitates her being a virgin.

This requirement led to the decision to publicly conduct the marriage ceremony to ensure her purity was maintained and to safeguard her from sexual violation by men.

A spokesperson for the temple, Nii Bortey Kofi Frankwa II, explained that the selection of 12-year-old Naa Yomo Ayemuade by Gborbu Wulomo is a spiritual practice that began six years ago.

She is expected to fulfill a role within the shrine that is traditionally reserved only for virgins.

According to the spokesperson, the critics who have cried foul over the development do not appreciate the tenets of the Ga Dangbe tradition.