The three teacher unions, Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT), National Association of Graduate Teachers(NAGRAT) and Coalition  of Concerned Teachers(CCT), Ghana have called off their strike action.

The decision follows an interim injunction secured by the National Labour Commission (NLC) last week Thursday to stop the strike.

The three teacher unions began a nationwide strike on Wednesday, March 20, 2024, over what they described as the government’s disregard for their conditions of service.

But addressing a press conference on Tuesday, the Spokesperson of the Teacher Unions and President of CCT, King Ali Awudu said they have called off the strike as law-abiding citizens.

”…It was not until this week that we have officially been served with the injunction. As law-abiding citizens and having respect for the courts, we hereby declare the strike that was called on 20th March 2024, called off. We ask all our members and teachers of pre-tertiary education to resume work with immediate effect.

”We will continue to ask the employer led by the Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations to commence negotiations this afternoon, April 2, 2024, so we can expedite negotiations and come to a conclusion to foretstall any other happenings in the future.”

The Teacher unions further expressed gratitude to their members for their unwavering support.

”The three teacher unions say ayekoo to all the teachers that obeyed the directives and we hereby thank them so much for their massive support shown us. We want to reassure them that we have their interest at heart and that all the items we have put on the table, we will continue to fight until the last drop to see to it that they are achieved.”