Ghanaian media personality, Emmanuel Agyemang who recently attempted to break the world record for the longest interview held by an individual, has urged the public to disregard rumours about his collapse during the exercise.

There have been rumours on socal media that he collapsed following the marathon interview, a situation which compelled him to end his record-breaking attempt earlier than he had indicated to conclude.

Speaking to Daakyehene Ofosu Agyeman on Adinkra Radio in New York, Emmanuel Agyemang clarified that his medical team advised him not to continue at a certain point.

He stressed that the decision to terminate the attempt was not because of ill health due to the long hours of talking, but based on professional medical advice.

”I’ve not been paralyzed as some have claimed, nothing has happened to me. I am fit as a fiddle. Right after I ended my record-breaking attempt at the venue, I went straight to my hotel room and slept. I ended around midnight and by 6 am, I was asked to come downstairs where I met my medical team. They checked my vitals, my weight and sugar level were okay so I went back to my hotel room. So my medical team thought it wise to issue a press release to inform the public that I had ended my record-breaking attempt because lots of people had planned to troop to the venue on Sunday to offer support. I am okay, very fit and I am moving around,” Emmanuel Agyemang narrated.

He added: ”I heard that I had been put in an ambulance but that is not true, I walked into my hotel room by myself. I have been at the hotel where I lodged until just yesterday Easter Monday that I left. The doctors felt that the way I was feeling, should they allow me to continue, I could hurt my health that is why they advised me to end the attempt.”

Emmanuel Agyemang exceeded the previous record of 37 hours, 44 minutes, and 17 seconds with a spectacular interview time of 43 hours, 54 minutes, and 23 seconds.

He disclosed that his team is currently compiling evidence to be presented to the Guinness World Records for confirmation.

Emmanuel Agyemang is hopeful that his team will in the next 12 weeks receive response from Guinness World Records.

”As soon as I receive the certification, I will try and break my own record. I have gained enough experience and I am confident that I can do more hours of intervew than I have done.” he disclosed.