An off-duty police officer stationed at Akyem Oda in Eastern Region identified as Edmond Laryea stands accused of allegedly burning the palm of an eleven-year-old boy named Kofi.

The alleged reason behind this egregious act was the boy’s misappropriation of GHC2 given to him by another individual in the community on errand.

According to reports, the police officer Edmond Laryea claimed that he had been called upon by the boy’s guardians on previous occasions to discipline him for his misbehavior.

In an attempt to instill fear and discipline, the officer resorted to placing the child’s palm in fire.

However, the situation took a drastic turn, resulting in severe burns to the boy’s hand.

The victim, Kofi recounted the ordeal he endured at the hands of Officer Edmond Laryea.

“I was hungry so when I was sent to buy pure water I used the money to buy food and ate. So the police officer subsequently caught me and threatened to cut off my hand but he changed and placed my hand on fire which I was burnt severely. He didn’t send me to the hospital, he rather asked me to go and sleep”

A witness Justice Owusu, shared his accounts of the incident.

‘The child is always at Kotoku chiefs palace with us here. The incident occurred on Sunday around 8:00pm.I wasn’t there but when i retuned the following day I was informed that my boy has been injured by a police officer called Laryea simply because he runaway with ghc2 given him for errand to buy water two weeks ago. Now he has burnt the hands of the boy regrettably he has not even sent the boy to the hospital I am the one who took him to drug store to dress the wound”.

Further checks have revealed that the victim is an orphan residing with relatives who may not be providing adequate care and supervision.

He has been starving hence roams in the community to beg for alms to survive.

The child is reportedly notorious for delinquent behavior, including pilfering within the community.

Nonetheless, the distressing event has sparked outrage among residents of Akyem Oda and beyond, with calls for swift and decisive action to be taken against the accused police officer.

Ghana’s Juveniles Justice Act ,2003(Act 653) stipulates that welfare and rights of the child must be upheld even when accused of a crime.

The Act directs various protocols children accused of breaking the law should be taken through for correction.

Calls and text message sent to the said police officer were not answered.

Source: Kojo Ansah