The Movement for Change (M4C) led by Alan Kyerematen, and the National Interest Movement (NIM), a political Civil Society Coalition, led by Dr. Abu Sakara Foster, say they have concluded talks with a number of political entities and individuals to establish a grand Alliance and work together closely to contest the 2024 General elections.

The Alliance, named the ‘Alliance for Revolutionary Change’ (ARC) will aggressively mobilize Ghanaians from across the country, particularly the Youth and Women, irrespective of their religious, political, and ethnic affiliations, in a grand coalition to elect the first Independent Candidate as the President of the Republic of Ghana.

The Alliance, according to a statement signed by Alan Kyerematen, when voted into Government, will focus on breaking the cycle of poverty and reset the country on a new path to prosperity.

“The Alliance seeks to end the dominance of the duopoly, the NDC and the NPP, in Ghanaian politics, two Parties which after 32 years in government, have failed to address the fundamental challenges of development in our beloved country. The divisiveness in Ghanaian politics, the ‘Winner takes all’ syndrome as well as the lack of continuity in the execution of government projects which have been associated with the duopoly, have brought untold hardships on the good people of Ghana.

”The Alliance will work towards forming an all-inclusive Government of National Unity with representation from Political Parties, the Business Community, Farmers and Fishermen, Labour Unions, Faith-Based Organizations, Traditional Authorities, Civil Society Organizations, Academia, Media, and other Stakeholder Interest Groups. The Alliance will also mobilize consensus towards a National Development Plan which will go beyond Party Manifestoes and constitute the Blueprint for Ghana’s economic transformation,” the statement said.

To realise this objective, the Alliance will advocate for fundamental Constitutional Reforms including but not limited to reforms in Governance, Public Sector Accountability, Management of our Natural Resources, as well as Mindset and Attitudinal change in Ghana.

The Alliance is set to be launched on Wednesday, 17th April 2024.