A renowned actor and farmer, John Dumelo has stated that former President John Mahama’s proposed 24-hour economy is doable.

Speaking on Starr Chat with Bola Ray Thursday, Mr. Dumelo stated that the 24-hour economy when implemented will help company’s meet the deadline for delivery of jobs for quicker.

“24-hour Economy will work, unlike one district and one factory which is a hoax. It is doable, it is possible, it will create jobs for millions of people across the country,” the actor stated.

According to him, as a farmer, the 24-hour economy will be of immense help to him.

“As a farmer, I am ready for the 24-hour economy. Because when you harvest the ginger, you pill it wash it, blend it wait for some, and package it. When it’s five pm you may close but if you are running a shift you don’t have to wait till the next day.

“People will have to come from six to ten and then maybe another group which is a packaging group will come from eleven to four because we need to keep running.  When you have huge orders you can’t say you can’t meet them because our people are only working from eight to five. You can make it within four or five days because you are running a 24-hour economy,” Mr. Dumelo stated