Ghanaians should reject John Mahama outright because he is only seeking for an opportunity to stage a revenge for voting him out in 2016.

Indeed, John Mahama even when he was having one more term by law said he is a dead goat after causing Ghanaians to sleep in dumsor for four years, cancelled teachers and nurses training allowances, placed total embargo on public sector employments, paid teachers for only three months instead of three years, failed to supply our basic schools with common chalks, told Ghanaian youth to sell stones as means of livelihood among other serious mistreatment meted out to Ghanaians.

So imagine voting Mahama who per law cannot run for reelection in this country again ? It will be a perfect time to revenge for the pain Ghanaians caused him and his family by voting him out in 2016. This is a message for the wise.

Dr Bawumia after his first term will be compelled to account for his stewardship to Ghanaians before he could be given any chance for a second term, and this reason alone means he will not be able to take Ghanaians for granted.

Ghanaians have to make a choice between the past and the future where Mahama represents the past and Dr Bawumia represents the future.

Vote for Dr Bawumia and reject the incompetent Mahama.