Businessman Prince Kofi Amoaben has expressed his confidence in former President John Dramani Mahama as the ideal leader to steer Ghana towards conomic development and prosperity.

Amoaben, co-founder of the defunct UT Bank, averred the potential benefits of Mahama’s experience as a returning leader during his remarks at a fundraising dinner hosted by the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Eastern Regional Secretariat in Accra.

Amoaben emphasized the need for a leadership with strong values, respect for all, and swift implementation of policies and laws.

“What we need in Ghana and for that matter Africa is a leadership that has the right values. A leadership that is God fearing to start with, a leadership that has respect for everybody. The way to do it is to put systems, pack the systems and the laws and the policies and make sure they work for everyone and they should work not in ten years but should work as fast as possible. We have a country where even our laws are such that we can have cases in Court that can last for 30 years that time the two litigants are dead their next of kings are dead and the case still in court that is no justice” said the former UT Bank Boss.

He praised Mahama’s previous leadership experience and suggested that the former president’s return to power could help address the country’s current economic challenges.

“I think the incoming president who has experienced it before will make sure that we the people will enjoy quality time and will want to save our time.”

Prince Kofi Amoaben admonished the business community and sympathizers of the NDC to help support campaign for President Mahama’s comeback since the government which they want to overthrow has exploited the country to fund their campaigns.

“Don’t forget the fight is not easy. The people we want to overthrow have made plenty of monies. We’ve read in the papers we’ve seen their lifestyles but they don’t mean well for the people”.

He added “What we doing here today is most important that is the fundraising. We need the logistics for leaders with vision and the dream to reach out to all the people. We need to empower this people financially through our networks and strong solidarity . So it is imperative we mobilize as much as possible not only at this function from this time until the elections kick in full year”.Prince Kofi Amoaben stated.

Delivering his welcome address, Dr. Mark Oliver Kevor, Eastern Regional Chairman of the NDC, stressed the importance of uniting efforts and mobilizing resources for the upcoming 2024 general elections.

Dr. Kevor called on attendees to contribute generously as an investment in the country’s future and reiterated the party’s core principles of social justice, equality, and progress for all.

He concluded the evening by thanking everyone for their support and expressing optimism for the party’s success in the 2024 elections.

President John Mahama served as the special guest of honor at the event, where he was praised for his leadership, vision, and commitment to the betterment of Ghana.

A total of Ghc5.4 million was raised at the fundraising event .

Source: Ansah