In a thrilling Chinese League encounter, Henan FC secured a hard-fought 3-2 victory over Cangzhou, with Ghanaian sensation Frank Acheampong once again proving to be unstoppable.

This was on League Match Day 8 where Acheampong showcased his prowess by finding the back of the net in the first half within the 33rd minute with an assist from Liu Bin.

Despite a resilient effort from Cangzhou, Henan FC emerged victorious, much to the delight of their fans.

By this effort, Frank Acheampong has added to his impressive goal tally of two so far in the new season.

With Frank Acheampong’s delightful displays to the admiration of the fans, the match was filled with so much excitement and all to play for.

Lead striker Frank Acheampong showcased a dazzling array of skills that left the crowd in awe.

With his lightning-fast footwork, impeccable ball control, and a keen eye for goal, he effortlessly maneuvered past defenders, leaving them trailing in their wake.

His ability to create space and capitalize on scoring opportunities was unmatched.

So far scoring two goals and many more to come, Frank Acheampong believes every goal is a testament to his sheer talent and determination, earning him a thunderous applause from fans and teammates alike.

This is a game that will be remembered for the mastery of the beautiful game of football.

Henan FC’s relentless attacking efforts paid off with a win and has propelled them to move to the top of table in the Chinese Super League with a comfortable 19 points.

Cangzhou got their equalizer in the 63rd minute through Heber and an accompanying brilliant assist from Taty Maritu.

Henan then increased their lead to 2:1 through Solomon Otabor in the 72nd minute.

In a swift response, Lago Maidana ensured that Cangzhou made a comeback by levelling up to make it 2:2 in the 79th minute.

The icing on the cake was a Bruno Nazario header that sealed victory for Henan bringing the final score to 3-2.