The former member of parliament for the Ejisu Constituency in the Ashanti region, Kwabena Owusu Aduomi contesting the Ejisu by-election as an independent candidate has threatened a blood bath if any group of people threaten to undermine the integrity of the election through violence.

Addressing a mini rally at Ejisu Zongo lorry station Sunday night, the respected former Legislator questioned the idea behind the importation of alleged vigilante groups affiliated to the NPP into the Ejisu constituency.

He said ”I know they will never dare to bring their violent tactics here in Ejisu Zongo polling station. They have planned to rig the election by picking ballot boxes among other things in some areas for which reason they have imported vigilante boys outside the Ejisu constituency, not this Zongo they can’t try their violent rigging action. This is Zongo where men are in charge’’ he said.

He warned “anyone who will dare to undermine the integrity of the election through violence “ono aa obete ne piiga”.

He further warned “already I have said Ejisu is the home town of Yaa Asantewaa, descendants of Yaa Asantewaa don’t fear blood, we don’t fear but we don’t cherish violence. Lets hold free and fair elections. There’s no glory in one boasting to cheat in election. It is village language to say the least allow the will of the electorate to prevail in electing who they won’t’’ he said.

He while campaign among a huge crowd, urged the constituent to vote massively for him to continue the good work he stared in the constituency which has stalled after he was rejected in 2020 New patriotic Party parliamentary primary.

He explained “I have been tagged as an NDC man but in Ejisu Constituency every person here knows that I’m an NPP member. I’m contesting as an independent candidate because of Nana Addo’s leadership failure to promote fairness in the party’’.

Responding to President Nana Akufo Addo’s claiming that he Aduomi has lost his identity because he doesn’t know where he belongs to, either the NPP or the NDC.

H said ”I’m loved by the NDC because I fairly represented their interest in the Ejisu constituent when I served them as the Ejisu Member of Parliament that’s why I have won their heart. Any way NDC people also are humans I will not detach myself from them. When you serve well as an MP for your constituency you constituent will forever support you in anything and that’s what I’m enjoying now’’ he mock the president.

He, however, commended the national chairman Stephen Ayensu Ntim for demonstrating excellent leadership character in his public comments on the Ejisu by-election and other internal party issues in the constituency.
Meanwhile the Ghana Police service is expected to deploy over 7000 police personnel to Ejisu constituency today to police the entire constituency to provide safe security for entire constituency before during and after the elections.
Source: Ghana/ Isaac Justice Bediako