The governing New Patriotic Party(NPP) has accused the largest opposition party National Democratic Congress(NDC) of deliberately trying to destabilize the ongoing voters registration exercise.

It follows concerns raised by the NDC over the capturing of serial numbers on biometric registration kits.

The Electoral Commission had turned down a request from the NDC highlighting the potential security implications should the codes go out.

But while the NDC challenges the EC’s explanation, the Deputy General Secretary of the NPP, Haruna Mohammed in an interview with Starr News expressed misgivings about the NDC’s posturing over the codes which he said has never been published.

“They have been asked by certain bodies to come with these serial numbers for them to destabilize the electoral system. So they are asking for it to do something else. The absence of serial numbers given to political parties cannot affect anything about the registration process. Read the CI, read CI 91, read amended CI 126, there is nowhere that a party has to request for serial numbers of BVRs that are used. Parties have opportunity to record the serial numbers at the registration centre. Parties are at liberty to record these numbers so I don’t know why they are making this to look like it is a market issue. You can record these serial numbers at the registration point so you don’t come out and be asking that this should be given to you. To do what. I don’t think they are serious in the registration process, they want to just create some confusion.”