The Chief Crusader of the Crusaders Against Corruption, Emmanuel Wilson Jnr. says Vice President cannot be trusted to wage a war against corruption should he be elected President.

According to him, Dr. Bawumia has not shown his commitment to the fight against corruption while serving as the second gentleman of the land.

The Vice President at the 14th Regional Conference and Annual General Meeting of Heads of Anti-Corruption Agencies in Commonwealth Africa, in Accra, disclosed that next stage of Ghana’s digitalization journey is to become the first blockchain-powered government in Africa to fight corruption.

The Blockchain technology is capable of identifying and discovering any changes in digital data to trace all transactions in the governance space. That, he believed, would promote transparency and enable the Government to fight corruption in its entirety.

But speaking to Daakyehene Ofosu Agyemang on New York-based Adinkra Radio Morning Show, Emmanuel Wilson Jnr said the Vice President has not done much to show that he will tackle corruption head-on should he get the opportunity to be President.

“Dr. Bawumia came into office in 2017 as Vice President. In 2020 November Bawumia had not declared his asserts, it took CSOs to pile pressure on him to declare his asserts. As Vice President he has not demonstrated that he’s committed to the fight against corruption, because assert declaration is one way of fighting corruption. How then can he convince us that if he’s elected President he will use digitization to fight corruption? It is so inconsistent and does not make sense.

“We don’t use digitization to fight corruption. What is needed is the goodwill and the political will of the politicians and individuals to allow the various institutions that fight corruption to do their work. At the end of the day if you have not given them the opportunity to fight corruption, how then do you say that you are fighting corruption.”

Emmanuel Wilson described the Vice President as one who cannot resolutely stand by his principles.

“Bawumia is a flip-flopper, he is not stable. Whoever will believe what Bawumia is saying has not been able to analyze issues. He is not somebody to be taken seriously when he talks. He was the first person to state publicly that he does not believe in E-levy, but it was his boss, Akufo-Addo’s government which swiftly implemented the levy. But he didn’t come out to own up or apologize to Ghanaians, he rather asked us to vote for him to become President. We can’t take him seriously.”