The Member of Parliament for the Agona East Constituency, Queenstar Pokua Sawyerr says aged women will not have to worry themselves to go to the hospital when sick under John Mahama’s 24-hour economy, as medical officers will take care of them in their homes.

According to the National Democratic Congress(NDC) MP, mobile medical vans will be deployed across the country to attended to aged persons as part of healthcare measures under the 24-hour economy.

She made the comments at an event to celebrate this year’s Mothers Day in Agona East Constituency during which a group of aged NDC women was unveiled.

“President Mahama says I should inform you that health issues about old women are dear to his heart. He says your share in his 24-hour economy policy is that he will make available mobile clinic which will move door-to-door. Whoever is old and sick will not have to be taken to the hospital. You’ll be in your home and you will be attended to by a medical team.

“So President Mahama says I should inform you that you already have a share in his 24-hour economy policy. So when you are sick and you have nobody around you to send you to the hospital, a telephone number will be made available, when you call, arrangements will be made and within 20 to 30 minutes, a vehicle will swiftly arrive to take care of you. That vehicle will have a doctor, nurse and a pharmacist to attend to you free of charge. This is the information Mr Mahama says I should relay to you.”

The aged persons gathered who were excited about this news vowed to massively vote for John Dramani Mahama and the Member of Parliament come December 7 election for them to become President and MP to enable them [aged] enjoy this laudable initiatives.

They said, it is always stressful spending hours in the hospital seeking medical care, so doctors and nurses having to attend to them in their home is such great news which is welcomed.

Source: Boagyan