A member of the gang that undertook the 31st December,1981 coup, that toppled a constitutionally elected government led by Dr.Hilla Limann, Sgt. Akata Pore has granted an interview to Joy News in which interview he makes the point that Alan’s decision to go as an Independent candidate does not make sense considering the fact that he Alan wanted to lead the NPP and so why must he go independent?

The reason behind his conclusion is so pathetic that one can only advise Sgt. Akata Pore to take a back stage from Ghana’s politics since he has lost touch with the modern day reality. For him to say Alan should have remained with the NPP and not go as an independent candidate is to say no matter how terrible a marriage is, one must be in it and die in it or better still to go against the saying that “is only a fool that does not change his mind”.

The position espoused by the former coup maker has infuriated a number of Ghanaians who had forgotten about his involvement in the 1981 coup that toppled a legitimately elected government to begin to rethink about his apology to the nation as far back as 2019 on the same Joy Fm’s Super morning show when he stated “ I feel so stupid to have been part of this whole scheme”.

In the said interview, what Akata Pore who is behaving like an Angel Gabriel wanted Ghanaians to know was that given the opportunity once again, he will not be part of such an enterprise.

So the question that I want to ask Sgt Akata Pore this morning is, what makes him think he can have a change of mind about an issue and Alan is prevented from doing so.

The inconsistency in the delivery of Akata Pore is a cause of worry and the earlier he took a backstage in Ghana’s politics, the better it will be for his image and his standing before the teeming youth who are struggling today. Maybe but for his involvement in truncating Limann’s administration, our situation would have been far far better and as he himself admitted in 2019,their overthrow of the Limann’s administration yielded nothing.

It must also be made known to Sgt Akata Pore that the leader of the Movement for Change, Alan Kyerematen never lost NPP Presidential Primaries. In fact if he cares to know, he was selected amongst the five that were to contest on the 4th of November, 2023. The decision to opt out of the party was amply explained by him when he exited and that he was of the view that the NPP that he signed unto in 1992,was not the same NPP he was dealing with, a view shared by many.

How was Akata Pore expecting a serious mind like Alan to continue to be in a party who organizes elections to harm agents belonging to him? He may find out from Zakaria who was Alan’s agent in North East region which happens to be the home region of the flagbearer of the NPP and what happened to his eyes.

Where the country has gotten to is no more about what Akata Pore thinks but is about how we evaluate candidates who aspire to lead this country and their vision and plan to take us out of our woes.

Sgt Akata Pore must concern himself with how the teeming youth of this country will be employed and not why Alan did not remain with the NPP.

Solomon Owusu
MSc International Management
University of Liverpool

Writing from Dr Limann’s Residence, the legitimate President Akata Pore toppled.