Daniel Asiedu, the man who has been accused of the death of late Member of Parliament for Abuakwa North, Joseph Boakye Danquah-Adu, has turned to the Biblical story of Daniel to find comfort.

He told the High Court in Accra that, the troubles he is going through presently mirror the story of Daniel in the Bible and that “I will come out of it”

With hopes that he will come out unscathed from the ongoing murder trial, Asiedu affectionately called ‘Sexy Don Don’ said, he was coerced to accept what he had no knowledge of.

Sexy Don Don while narrating his side of the story on his second day of mounting defense to charges on May 14, 2024 said, he was attacked by ASP Kofi Sarpong, a gospel singer to admit whatever allegations are put on him.

Sexy Don Don has been charged with murder and robbery and he is responding to those charges before the High Court presided over by Justice Lydia Osei Marfo.

EIB Network’s Legal Affairs Correspondent, Murtala Inusah reports that, Asiedu who is speaking through a twi interpreter said he has evidence on the scull to show to the court from the attack on him.

“I have not died and resurrected before, so I did not want to take any decision that I will regret,” he said,

“I accepted whatever he is asking me to do and asked him to take me to the office with the hope that I could explain and also understand what they were asking from me,” he told the Court.

“I know my name is Daniel and in the Bible Daniel went through a lot of trepidation and I knew whatever I will go through, I will come out from it and the truth will prevail,” Sexy Don Don went on the explained to the Court.

Encounter with Dampare, 2 others

Asked by his Counsel Lawyer Yaw Dankwah to explain to the Court what happened upon his return from the Konkonsa Bar, to the home of Janet, he offered explanation.

“I made up my mind to report the matter at the regional police station but on my way to pick an okada the rider told me not to because he knows Mawuko‘s superior who goes by the name Adotey and that he will lead me to Adotey to report the matter to him so that he would warn Mawuko.

“When the okada took me to Adotey he gave me a seat and I explained him what happened and that was the first time I met Adotey who is an informant.

He added that, “Adotey told me to exercise patience and that he will lead me to the regional police station to report the issue and that was the first time I went to the regional police station.

“When we got to the police station Adotey asked me to wait by a police officer while he goes to see the police commander.

“When he returned from seeing the police commander he asked me to come with him to see the police commander so the two of us went to the police commander’s office,” he stated.

Sex Don Don told the Court that, they got to the police at about 5:25am, before clarifying to the Court that, the name Allotey that he mentioned previously was not correct, but he rather meant to say Adotey, who is an informant.

He went on to say that, when he went to the office, the Officers mentioned their names to me as “Dampare, ASP Kofi Sarpong and the female was Afia Tenge.”

He said, “I turned around and saw that Adotey had left the office and was standing outside.”

Video recording

Sexy Don Don told the Court that, “Officer Dampare gave me a seat in front of him and two other officers sat by each side of me.”

“Mr. Dampare took his phone out and decided to record me and he asked me ‘who sent you’ and I asked what was going on?” Asiedu told the Court.

It was his testimony also that, “Dampare continued to ask me if one NDC man called Sorogo and one short NDC man with a Ewe name when I was at the police station I saw on the TV that he had been arrested at his office and sent to the CID headquarters.

The name of the said Ewe man he said “I cannot pronounce.”

Engine room attack

Asiedu told the Court that, “ASP Kofi Sarpong took me to the Engine room and took a machete out of a fridge and hit my head with it.”

“I was bleeding and dazed,” he said, adding that, “He (ASP Kofi Sarpong) told me to accept whatever Dampare was telling me or else I would be killed.

“I stood there for a while because at that moment, I couldn’t think straight,” he told the Court.

Adding that, “I did not answer the question he was asking me.”

Asked by Lawyer Dankwah that when he was attacked with a machete by this gospel singer police officer and “you felt dizzy and did not answer his questions, what happened after that?”

In his response, Asiedu said, ASP Kofi Sarpong “stood behind me and slapped me from both sides. At that moment I knelt down and begged him that whatever he said I have said and I shall do as he had asked me.”

Asked by his counsel “Why did you kneel down to beg?, he said, “I have not died and resurrected before so I did want to take any decision that he would regret. So I agreed to do whatever that he asked me with the hope that I can explain and understand what they were asking from me.

“He understood me and took me back to the office and sat me down. Dampare once again took out his phones and started filming me.

“He mentioned those two names and asked if they were the persons who sent me and I said yes.

I was kept there from morning till about 6pm and I was moved to the BNI office at Kawokudi,” he told the Court.

The case has been adjourned to Amy 29, 2024 for continuation.

Source: Kasapafmonline.com/Murtala Inusah