Yesterday, two hostels in Madina and Ashaiman were commissioned alongside the launching of Kayeyei Empowerment Program by the Vice President of the Republic of Ghana, and the Flag Bearer of NPP, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia.

The plan is to build 8 of the hostels in Accra, 6 in Kumasi and 2 in Techiman. This is the long term plan. There is one (1) under construction in Kumasi which is near completion and efforts are made to see to the timely completion and commissioning.

This amazing vision by the Vice President for the KAYAYEIS in Ghana is being anchored through the collaboration of State institutions; YEA, NEIP, GEA, TVET, CTVET, DACF, GETFUND and Father Campbell Foundation. The various Heads and Management of the aforementioned institutions deserve commendation for driving this special initiative.

Now come to think of this, under the erstwhile NDC Mr John Mahama’s administration, some of our dear sisters who are in Kayeyei business were only given one head pan each to support them and to keep them on the streets for good. That was the vision Mr Mahama had for them.

Fast forward, the NPP’s Dr Bawumia came in to offer our sisters in Kayeyei business a new hope by equipping them with special skills in beading and jewellery making, baking, soap making, make-up artistry, pedicure and manicure among other vocational or business development training. After the training program, each of these Kayeyeis will be given Certificate by an accredited TVET institution. They will also be given starter packs to facilitate their entry into new economic opportunities.

During the period of training, each trainee will be given an amount of GHC1000 as stipends, that is, GHC500 after enrollment and the remaining GHC500 after the training. This stipend or cash is different from the starter pack.

As if that was all, Dr Bawumia as part of his Bold Solutions into the future is providing decent shelter for them at no cost to them. So far the two hostels which were commissioned yesterday will accommodate 600 of them with 300 in each of the two hostels commissioned. The first phase of the empowerment and business development training program is targeting 5000 KAYAYEIS from May to November this year.

Therefore, comparing this laudable empowerment initiative and life changing opportunity offered by Dr Bawumia with that of Mr Mahama’s one Kayayei one head pan initiative, which of the intervention is truly going to better the life and living conditions of a Kayayei ?

I leave the judgement of this for all KAYAYEIS in Ghana.

God bless Dr Bawumia!
God bless NPP!!
God bless all KAYAYEIS in Ghana!!!