The Campaign Team of the Movement For Change has described the arrest of leading member and Director of Special Operations, Hopeson Adorye as a deliberate attempt by the governing New Patriotic Party(NPP) to intimidate members.

The Ghana Police Service on Wednesday, May 22, 2024 arrested Hopeson Adorye over his claim that he detonated dynamites in the Volta Region during the 2016 general election to scare away voters in the National Democratic Congress(NDC) stronghold.

Mr Adorye who is currently being held at the Ministries Police Station in Accra is set to be sent to court today, Thursday, May 23, 2024.

But a Campaign Team Member of the Movement for Change, Solomon Owusu in an interview with Starr News, described the arrest of Hopeson Adorye as a shame to Ghanaians democracy.

He said no amount of intimidation tactics by the Akufo-Addo government will scare the members of the Movement For Change from going about their legitimate duties.

“What has happened is just an incumbent government that is not happy with the rule of law and they want to put the fear of God in Hopeson Adorye. We are sounding this note of caution that it is not going to work. We are going to use whatever arsenals that we have to get him out. We’ve asked our lawyers to as a matter of urgency get in touch with Hopeson which they have done. And so if the rule works under President Akufo-Addo, he has to be out. We are moving to the Ministries Police Station to seek bail for him.

“If the State has any incriminating evidence against him, if the state believes that they have enough information, we are ready to meet them in court. But the government of the day must not set bad precedent, let the rule of law prevail and let the man have the right to go and defend himself. This business of trying to move him from one police station to the other is not going to scare anybody in this country. We are following up on the development and we will definitely get him out.”