The National Communications Authority (NCA) has announced the successful completion of repair works on all four (4) subsea cables affected by the March 14 disruptions affecting mobile and fixed data services nationwide.

According to NCA, they are since operational and have been providing service at full capacity since the completion of the repair works.

The repair works were completed as follows: i. SAT3: 6th April 2024 ii. ACE: 17th April. 2024 WACS: 29th April, 2024 Iv. Mainline: 8th May. 2024.

According to the subsea cable service providers, all four cable faults were found at the crossing with a sub-sea canyon off the coast of Abidjan called Le Trou Sans Fond Canyon.

The NCA has since the March 14 incident issued further directives to mobile and subsea cable service providers in a bid to strengthen its regulatory oversight.

They include:
1. A requirement for all submarine cable operators to submit their backup and redundancy plans to ensure business continuity and seamless connectivity to data services should their cables get cut or develop a major fault. 2. All Mobile Network Operators are to maintain their existing redundant submarine cable links within Ghana and to conned to a submarine cable provider in the sub-region that is currently not landing in Ghana-

The NCA in a statement said: “This concludes the updates and Information the Authority has been sharing on the Undersea Cable Disruptions which occurred on 14th March. 2024.”

“The NCA is grateful for the interest support and understanding displayed by all stakeholders within the Internet value chain: consumers. mobile network operators and the sub marine cable operators and terrestrial fibre operators (AT. MTN. Telecel. ACE. MainOne. WAGS. SAT-3 and C-Squared etc). You can be assured of our commitment to ensure sustainable service delivery to all users within the industry,” the statement concluded.