The National Democratic Congress (NDC) National Communications Officer, Sammy Gyamfi has shockingly revealed details of how the Attorney General, Godfred Dame is scheming to jail the Minority Leader, Dr Cassiel Ato Forson at all cost.

According to Sammy Gyamfi, this emerged during the cross examination of the third accused person, Richard Jakpa during the continuation of the ambulance case today.

Speaking to the media moments after today’s court proceedings, Mr Gyamfi disclosed the overtures being made by the AG and the calls to the third accused person at odd hours all in an attempt to get incriminating testimony against the Minority Leader.

“…He[third accused] said this in open court and asked that it should be put on record and Her Ladyship directed that same should be captured by the record. So what we are talking about is something which is on record. We as a political party are totally scandalized and disgusted by this development.

“But we are not surprised because we have always known that this is the stock in trade of Godfred Yeboah Dame. This is not a man who is interested in Justice or the rule of Law. This is not a man who is an Attorney General and Minister For Justice. This is a devious character with no honour whatsoever, no respect for justice, no respect for the rule of law and the rights of accused persons and who always goes about manipulating judicial processes to get his way at all cost and so we are not surprised that today, his sins have found him out. We are not surprised today that his cup is full, we are not surprised that today, his day of reckoning has come.”

Sammy Gyamfi added: “He has been doing this over and over again and we have had cause to lament this to the media and the good people of this country time and again. You have been asking for evidence, here is your evidence. Godfred Dame is not the Minister of Justice but Minister for Injustice. He is not interested in the rule of law, but interested in persecuting innocent people. He is interested in bending the law to have his way at all cost, and if he can go to a witness and seek to influence the witness to coerce the witness to testify in a manner that will help him achieve his aim, then he is capable of talking to a Judge, a Registrar or any officer of the court to have his way.”