Former Minister for Information, and Member of Parliament for Bawku Central, Mahama Ayariga has slammed the Akufo-Addo government accusing it of making all institutions mandated to fight corruption in the country ineffective.

According to him, state institutions that should be in the forefront of the corruption fight have simply decided to adopt a nonchalant attitude.

Speaking on Hard Talk on GHOne TV, Mahama Ayariga who’s also a private legal practitioner said his trust in these state institutions have fast eroded.

“…To be frank with you I have lost confidence in almost all the anti corruption agencies because, I have gone to almost all of them with cases and as I sit none of them really has received traction. If you will recall, the Bank of Ghana building and all the price adjustments that took place without any proper explanations, you know that I took it to Office of Special Prosecutor, even a few months ago, I still reminded the Special Prosecutor that I have this matter in your office under investigation, but as we speak I haven’t heard anything.

“I know if I get up and take this matter and run to EOCO I doubt anybody will listen to me. Because we live in a country, under a government that has immobilized any institution involved in fighting corruption. So you take up the cases and you go there and after a while they come out with some very interesting decision that just negate the initiatives that citizens have taken to fight corruption. The person who is principally responsible for fighting corruption has decided that he is not interested in fighting corruption.”