Popular comedy actor Lilwin’s public relations officer (PRO) has caused controversy by his handling of news about an accident involving the actor.

In response to claims that Lilwin was speeding and causing the collision, the PRO blamed the child’s father while absolving the actor of any responsibility.

In an interview, the PRO said that Lilwin was not at fault because the child’s father was speeding at the time of the collision. In addition, he condemned the grieving family, implying that they were to blame for not making sure the boy was safe by fastening him securely in the car.

This reaction has been under heavy fire, particularly in light of eyewitness reports that dispute the PRO’s assertions and suggest Lilwin was in fact speeding and did not seem to care that the child would die.

Furthermore, the public’s indignation has been heightened by his choice to attend a movie premiere soon after the catastrophe.

The PRO’s comments have sparked new discussions regarding blame and accountability in traffic accidents, leading to demands for a comprehensive investigation of the event.

Public opinion is still split as the controversy develops, with many doubting the ethics of Lilwin’s spokesperson’s remarks and the sincerity of his defense.

Source: Kasapafmonline.com/Emmanuel Mensah