In a recent interview on Rhythms Live, renowned Ghanaian rapper, popular known as Eno Barony, opened up about her journey in the male-dominated world of rap and her dedication to breaking down gender barriers in the industry.

Barony spoke passionately about the gender gap in rap, acknowledging the historical disparity between male and female artists.

“There was a big gap between the females and the males when it comes to rap. So I used myself as a sacrificial lamb to bridge that gap,” she explained.

Dispelling notions of loneliness in her journey, Barony highlighted the presence of numerous talented female rappers.

“I don’t think it’s lonely because I have seen a lot of females doing like what I do,” she expressed, emphasizing the diversity of female voices in the genre.

Despite her own success, Barony remained humble, recognizing the contributions of other female rappers who paved the way before her.

“I’m not the first female rapper to ever come, it’s just that I’m the strongest,” she acknowledged graciously.

Addressing the influence of her male peers on her career and style, Barony asserted her independence.

“No, they are not the ones who are influencing me at all. I just look at myself,” she clarified, reaffirming her commitment to authenticity in her music.

Barony underscored the importance of drawing from personal experiences to shape her storytelling in rap.

“Rap is something that you need to talk from your chest. she said, highlighting the raw honesty and authenticity that defines her music.

As she continues to pave the way for female representation in rap, Barony’s unwavering dedication and unique perspective continue to resonate with audiences worldwide.

Through her bold lyricism and fearless approach, she stands as a beacon of empowerment for aspiring female artists everywhere.

Source: Mensah