Dr Alhaji Mahamudu Bawumia, Vice President and Flag bearer of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), has stated his commitment to deepening religious tolerance in the country.

He said the nation’s credentials of religious tolerance should be sustained and believed with a background of religious diversity, he was best positioned to lead on that tangent.

Addressing the clergy in the Volta Region as part of his regional tour, the Vice President, a practising Muslim, spoke of his Christian influence in a large multi-religious family.

“My relationship with the church is from childhood. It is not because I entered politics. I have been close to the church way before and will continue even after I leave office,” he said.

He revealed his membership of the Methodist Boys Brigade as a youth, an organisation he continues to support.

The Vice President spoke of his relationship with the Catholic Church, noting collaboration on support for lepers and other humanitarian efforts.

“I am saying all these to let you know where my heart is — helping the poor, helping the vulnerable: he said.

Scores of religious leaders attended the meeting, where the Vice President shared his vision for the nation, which included expanded agriculture, power sufficiency, and tax regime reformation.

He stressed the need to formally recognise the church for its role in national development and said it would be provided the needed support.

“I believe we need that closer relationship with the church: Dr Bawumia said and promised the reopening of discussions on school management by the Church.

The Vice President reaffirmed his strong stance against the promotion of LGBT in the country and reiterated his commitment to reviewing the nation’s Constitution to reflect the present development aspirations.

Mr. Dan Botwe, Chairman of the Bawumia Campaign, said the NPP was formed with the “strong conviction of the fear of God,” and that the flag bearer ensured that fellowship with clergy preceded all engagements in the Regions.

He said the relationship with the clergy would be sustained when Dr Bawumia becomes president and should be prayed for consistently.

Rev. Seth Mawutor, Chairman of the Christian Council in the Volta Region, said the peace of the nation must be safeguarded throughout the election period, and that the Council would continue to provide the needed support.

Dr Bawumia, as part of his day tour, is meeting members of the Muslim community, and members of the Volta Region House of Chiefs.

He would engage the youth at the Ho Technical University and head to the Oti Region on Friday.

The Vice President was accompanied on the tour by the leadership of the NPP, including the National Chairman Mr. Stephen Ntim, and Mr Stephen Asamoah Boateng, the Minister for Chieftaincy and Religious Affairs.