Minority Leader, Dr Cassie Ato Forson, has filed a motion seeking an order of enquiry into the conduct of Attorney General (AG) Godfred Yeboah Dame following recent developments.

Dr Forson, a former Deputy Minister for Finance who has been accused together with businessman Richard Jakpa in the purchase of some ambulances is also asking the Court to order for a mistrial, an injunction and Stay of Proceedings in his criminal proceeding.

While premising his request on Articles 12(1), 91(1)(2)(c) and (e) of the 1992 Constitution and under the inherent jurisdiction of the Court he said, the conduct of the AG “shows egregious violations or attempted violations of my right to a fair trial.”

In a motion filed on May 28, 2024, through his lawyers led by Dr Abdul Aziz Basit Bamba, Dr Forson said, the AG’s conduct also “seeks to sabotage the end of justice.”

Dr Forson who is the First Accused in the ongoing trial which has been riddled in controversy said “evinces the inability of the Honourable Attorney General, Godfred Yeboah Dame, and his office to observe the core duty of the prosecution to serve a public duty in this case without any notion of winning orlosing the case by all means, fair or foul.”

Justice Afia Serwah Asare Botwe, a Justice of the Court of Appeal is expected to hear this motion on June 4, 2024.

*Jakpa’s allegation against AG*

Below is excepts of what Businessman Richard Jakpa said in Court about the AG*

Mr. Jakpa: My lady I want to put on record that I am not here to defend A1.

By Court: I have not told you that you have defended Al.

Mr: Jakpa: No I am not talking about you.

By Court: Who said so?

Mr. Jakpa: The Attorney General did that… He accused me directly and I want to respond.

By Court: Please Mr. Jakpa all that fight they were fighting and disgracing the Bench and the Bar I did not write it. Please move on.

Mr: Jakpa: My lady I have heard that but I want to make it clear here that the Attorney General has on several occasions had meetings with me privately at odd hours, both in person and on phone in respect of this case to cooperate or answer questions in a manner that will make his case better against A1 and I have refused and I have evidence to that and so if he is accusing me here that I am here to defend A1, he has brought hostilities lo my door step and I am responding to the hostilities. And if he continues on this angle, I will open the Pandora’s box and we will all know actually what transpired. He has brought it up and I will give it to him.

By Court: Sit down for a bit

Mr Jakpa: My lady I am a little bit uncomfortable.

By Court: Why are you uncomfortable?

Mr Jakpa: I am angry because how can he accuse me to be defending A1 when I am here to fight for my liberty and he has been impressing on me to cooperate with him so that he can put A1 in jail and I refused. So he comes here to accuse me of defending A1.

By Court: Mr. Jakpa twice or three times that you have said it. I have heard you.

Mr Jakpa: So, if he dares me, I will open the Pandora’s box here and I have evidence for that.

By Court: As for Pandora’s box, everybody in Ghana here is opening a Pandora’s box.

Mr Jakpa: So let us slag out and I am ready for that.

By Court: You cannot use such language here in the court of law. Let me also caution you. You see, your lawyer is not doing his job, when you are granted bail, one of the conditions apart from coming to court is that you will
also behave well.

Mr Jakpa: Yes my lady.

By Court: So when you come to court and start saying things like we are slagging it out, who is slagging what out?

Mr Jakpa: He is daring me.

By Court: This is not about show of manhood. I have told you it is okay. They should record what you have just said. Beyond recording what you have just said, there is nothing that any Judge is supposed to do and there are things people want to do, or they do not want to do.

All the lawyers, let me see all of you in chambers.

The case was adjourned after they were back from Chambers.

Source: Kasapafmonline.com /Murtala Inusah