The Ministry of Health says it has received funds for clearance of locked-up Global Fund commodities currently held at the port including TB medication.

The Ministry of Health received a total of 283 containers of various commodities from the Global Fund through the Tema port with the breakdown as follows.

Item Description Number of containers Mosquito Nets (ITNs) 272 Pharmaceuticals (ARVs, HIV RDTs, and ACTs.) 2 TB Medication I Medical Devices and Equipment (TB cartridges) 8 Total number of containers 283

In accordance with the above, the Ministry of Health with the assistance of the Ministry of Finance secured auction chits for the clearance of 219 containers, leaving an outstanding 64 containers without chits.

However, the Ministry’s inability to clear the commodities at the port was as a result of third-party charges amounting to GHC 7,429,694.39

Further to the above, a request letter was sent to the Ministry of Finance to assist in the securing of auction chits for the outstanding 64 containers which comprises of one TB medication container the remaining mosquito nets and the outstanding third-party charges.

In a statement, the Ministry of Health says “it has now received an amount of GHC7,429,694.39 from the Ministry of Finance for the payment demurrage for the clearance of all Global Fund outstanding containers at the Tema Port. This amount is expected to complement the payment of third-party charges as outlined above. It is expected that with the funds received, all outstanding containers will be cleared by the end of June 2024.”

It therefore urges the people of Ghana and its stakeholders to continue to exercise patience as its works to ensure the clearance and delivery of these essential commodities for the good of public health.

The Ministry of Health further reaffirms its unwavering commitment to promoting the interests and well-being of all Ghanaians through the provision of high-quality services, programmes and policies.