Members of the Locked Up Investment Holders Forum have vowed to continually protest against the government every Wednesday until their demands are met.

This follows their investment running into millions of Ghana cedis locked up in some distressed financial institutions licensed and regulated by the Bank of Ghana.

The financial institutions which in NDK financial services, SIC Savings and Loans, Bond Savings and Loans and SDC financial services have for the past six years failed to pay either the principal or dividend to their customers despite several calls at their various offices.

The members of the forum many of who have reached their retiring age say the situation has left them living like paupers not able to have a comfortable life.

They are therefore impressing upon government through the Ministry of Finance to declare the affected institutions insolvent and payoff their locked up funds.

The Convener of the group, Dr. Adu Anane Antwi in an interview said nothing is going to stop them from continuously picketing until their funds are paid.

“We’ll keep on doing it [picketing]until government pays up. Government will listen, we will continue picketing until government listens and the Ministry of Finance makes a financial provision. Regardless of our ages we have to continue picketing every week. Our defendants and family are supporting us.”