Alexander Afenyo-Markin, Majority Leader

Majority Leader Alexander Kwamena Afenyo-Markin has declared the controversial Ghana Standards Authority Pricing of cement regulation, 2024 will not be withdrawn.

Speaker of Parliament Alban Bagbin yesterday advised Minister of Trade K.T Hammond to withdraw the L.I in order to address some concerns which could lead to the defeat of the legislation at the courts since parent Act is against price control.

But addressing the media in Parliament Alexander Afenyo-Markin explained all the concerns of the Minority and sector players largely bothering on price regulation had been addressed before the laying.

According to the Effutu MP, the L.I is only seeking to ensure price reporting.

He accused some minority MPs still opposed to the LI of bad faith since the Subsidiary Legislation Committee which okayed the amendments is chaired by one of their own Dr. Dominic Ayine, the Bolgatanga East MP.

“When the matter came up for laying, our colleagues raised a strong objection to the effect that we must subject the L.I to a pre-laying suggestion we agreed. A pre-laying was done and a referral was made to the Subsidiary Legislation Committee which is chaired which is chaired by Dr. Dominic Ayine. After their deliberation they came out with a report signed by the Chairman of the Committee. The content was to the effect that if the Trades Minister will take into consideration all the amendments, then they are not opposed to it.”

“Now true to his work, Hon. K.T Hammond incorporated every single amendment proposed by the Subsidiary Legislation into the new L.T before same was laid. The L.I which was previously brought to Parliament was changed. Every amendment which was proposed the Minority was factored into the new L.I. So the question is why come the next day some member of the Minority coming to attack government.”