In a bold move to revolutionize agriculture in Ghana, Dr. Bryan Acheampong, also the Member of Parliament for Abetifi Constituency, has already launched the Afram Plains Economic Enclave Irrigation Project.

This groundbreaking initiative aims to tackle one of the most pressing challenges faced by farmers: access to water during the dry season.

Under the stewardship of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, spearheaded by Hon. Bryan Acheampong, this project promises to be a game-changer.

Ghana Irrigation Development Authority (GIDA), an agency under MoFA, is the implementing agency of the APEEIP (Project Construction Supervision and contracts management).

Currently, there is ongoing work at all 6 sites. At Atonsu in the Kwahu Afram Plains South District of Eastern Region, the project has a length of 1.3km long and 11m high and pipe delivery for the centre ‘Pivot Irrigation Project’ at Ekyeamanfrom

Ghana Irrigation Development Authority says significant strides are already underway with extensive irrigation projects spanning Kwahu Afram Plains and Sekyere Afram Plains in the Eastern and Ashanti Regions.

I spoke with the Chief Executive Officer for the Ghana Irrigation Development (GIDA) Ing. Richard Oppong Boateng who revealed that the project is currently covering a vast expanse of 3200 hectares across communities such as Ekyeamanfrom, Konadu, Ataneata/Nkwantanang, Ahinasi/Pitiku, Atonsu and Kumawu, however this ambitious venture marks the first government-led irrigation endeavor in Afram Plains’ history.

Designed to support both commercial farming and smallholder agriculture, the project aims to cultivate vegetables, cereals, and other farm products, promising economic empowerment for local communities.

According to Ing Richard Oppong Boateng, community, farmers, and traditional authorities, engagement was done over 5 months and still being engaged throughout project periods.

He said: Afram Plains is a food basket of the country with abundant water resources and arable lands, so the need for this project is a key to national development.

Works have started in all 6 sites. Moreover, the project forms part of the Planting for Food and Jobs Phase 2 (PFJ-2.0) under the MoFA

Foreseeing a future with abundant opportunities, the initiative plans to generate over 45,000 direct and indirect jobs in its 1st phase alone.

Although challenges loom, particularly regarding funding for the extensive planned projects, the Ghana Irrigation Development Authority remains optimistic, aiming to develop up to 100,000 hectares in Afram Plains over the next five years, saying 100,000ha will cover 4 Agricultural Zones under the APEEIP.

With production efforts to be driven by private commercial farmers complemented by support for smallholders, the Afram Plains Economic Enclave Irrigation Project stands as a testament to Bryan Acheampong’s commitment to transforming Ghana’s agricultural landscape, ensuring sustainable growth and prosperity for all involved. Well done, Yaw Bryan. Keep going.

*Inclusion of Hweehwee in Afram Plains Irrigation Project Vital for Tomato Production*

Looking ahead, I respectfully urge that the farmers of Hweehwee are included in the Afram Plains Economic Enclave Irrigation Project. Known for their expertise in tomato cultivation, integrating Hweehwee into this initiative could significantly bolster local production and alleviate the current scarcity driving up market prices.

Hweehwee’s reputation as a hub for tomato farming in Ghana makes it a crucial addition to the project’s scope. By providing reliable water access through irrigation, farmers there will enhance their yield, contributing to greater market stability and affordability for consumers.

Supporting Hon. Bryan Acheampong in this endeavour is crucial. His proven track record in ensuring not just project initiation but its effective implementation sets him apart. When it comes to getting the job done right, Bryan Acheampong’s leadership is a reliable beacon.

By: Ebenezer Kojo Nyavor (K-Lover)

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