President of the Ghana Football Association Kwesi Nyantakyi has said the persistent tagging of officials of the body as corrupt can only be an ignorant position taken by people with little knowledge on the structures of the sport.

In an exclusive interview with Kasapa Sports, the FA chief said such taunts were largely uninformed, adding he acted and thought that way during his early days in the sport.

“Football is not free from corruption…there may be one or two people with fault but if you say everybody in there is corrupt I don’t agree with you.

“Corruption is mostly perception… There are laws in Ghana that guide these things. You can’t say because of perception or hatred you feel someone should be arrested. There should always be grounds. These things are argued from a position of ignorance,” he told Tony Adam Adjei on Dwedwamu.

“When we were young in the sport, and without a leadership position, we used to think that way. But then you enter and realize it is an entirely different thing.”

Nyantakyi’s comments are a subtle rebuttal to calls made by leading NDC member Koku Anyidoho for the FA to be probed.

Anyidoho has consistently argued that the FA was full of  ‘cabals’ controlled by ‘cohorts’.

“Slowly, we are getting there. Now the mother body you belong to has been exposed, that should tell you your days are numbered,” he told Kasapa FM in May.

“It’s a cabal. “Look at what they’ve done to our local game; everything is gone. All they care about now is how they can get the Black Stars to the World Cup.

“And because they realize Ghanaians are emotionally attached to football, they use that against us and get our with a lot of things.”