“I spoke to Bafe, who really wanted me to come here,” said Ayew, in his first interview as a Swan.

“He told me about the club’s record season and also about the team spirit, manager, training, the players and how everyone is united.

“Those are great things for me to hear. I know the squad will help me settle in and we will help each other to make Swansea a better team – that’s what is important.

“The project that the club has for the future is very exciting, and when I spoke to the chairman and manager I felt this was the right place for me.

“I felt that my desire to play in the Premier League and wanting to grow as a player meant that Swansea was the best solution for me in every way.

“Seeing the honesty and desire of the club made me feel that they really wanted me to come. They have proved that in all ways.

“It was a very difficult decision to leave Marseille. I spent so many years there – I was in the youth team before breaking into the first team and stayed all of my life in Marseille.

“It’s true that I had a lot of offers, so I needed to take my time to make the right decision for my future. I didn’t want to rush but I feel I have made the right decision.

“Football is all about growing up and becoming a better player and a better person.

“This is the next chapter. I’ve played in the Champions League etcetera, but now I want to make it in the Premier League.

“I am very happy to have signed for Swansea, which is a very good club in the Premier League.

“I can’t wait to get the season started. It’s been my dream to play in the Premier League with a good club.

“Now it’s up to me to do my job, bring what I have to bring to the club because I know they will want a lot from me and expectations will be high. I will work hard and hopefully I can help the squad.

“But I’m ready to do the job and I hope to make every Swansea supporter happy.”

Credit: Swansea City