Hotels are often met with bells of negativity in the minds of many. The notion of sexual immorality and crime is mostly associated with hotels because of past instances and happenings. We are in a millennium where every evil deed is connected to hotels in one way or another. Criminals frequently tend to use hotels as planning bases and secret hideouts. Shady businesses are also known to take place in hotels. Many “big men” or “popular figures” in society often use hotels to hide from the media and the public when engaging in activities which are not generally accepted by society.


However instead of accusing hotels of being crime hubs, there are a lot more positive activities that hotels can be used for. These activities are tailored to cover almost every aspect of human endeavour. General well-being, business, health and entertainment are just a few of the many sectors covered by the facilities that hotels offer and can be used for the greater good of both individuals and organizations. Now let’s see more of the positives that hotels give us.

Bed and breakfast – Anytime reservations are made, guests look out for the best place to have a good rest. This is one basic amenities that every hotel provides. What certain guests fail to realise is that hotels provide more than just a bed in a room. Many people argue that there is no place like home which is not debatable in most cases but think about it. In an average room at home, you may not have the all the facilities that some hotels  give. A lot of hotels also give complimentary breakfast which comprises of many healthy goodies. A good night’s sleep and a healthy breakfast is always the best base to build a successful day.

Conferences/Meetings – Aside the comfortable beds and good breakfasts, many hotels offer conferencing facilities. Many organizations, companies and religious bodies utilize this service because they may not have the necessary logistics and facilities to cater for very huge capacities. Some hotels have high capacity conference rooms furnished with modern technologies to host very important conferences. Projectors as well as public address systems are provided for by these hotels. Some individuals also host their clients and business partners in these hotels when they have meetings for various reasons which may include a change of environment  etc.

Fitness – Over the years, health and wellness has become a key factor in many lives. The element of fitness which has always been important but has had less attention paid to it has now become top priority for many professionals and corporate individuals. Many gyms have sprung up in many places but the most popular and very recognizable gymnasiums are those found in hotels because these hotels invest a lot into bringing in modern ,state of the art equipment which are usually not found elsewhere. The beauty about this is that many of these in-house gymnasiums are not limited to only guests who lodge at the hotels but are open to the general public who pay fees to use this facility.

Relaxation – Hotels can work wonders when stressed or tired. Many of the “big” hotels these days have fancy swimming pools and recreational centres that can offer great amusement and entertainment for tourists and guests. These facilities although on-site are usually open to the general public as well even though they may not be lodging at that hotel. Affordable fees are charged per facility and are mostly charged per the hour. Some hotels also have beautiful lounges and nightclubs that provide a great alternative for people who prefer nightlife entertainment. It is also good because guests who stay in the hotels do not have to move out to far places to have the same experience.

mensvic pool2.jpg

Events – Hotels have become event havens for most event organizers as well as wedding planners. Hotels now host big wedding receptions in their conference rooms and gardens. Most of these event houses and wedding planners prefer to use hotels because they are the one-stop place to get almost all the logistics and equipment needed to host a successful event or reception. From tables & chairs to lighting and sometimes even catering, hotels tend to have them all. Moreover, doing everything at one place usually saves cost and time.

Now having gone through all these different benefits that hotels bring, there is absolutely no doubt that many of us have a wrong perception about hotels and we hardly see hotels for what they really offer. Next time you go to or see a hotel, remember that it is not a place of crime rather it is a place of many important benefits to mankind.