Relationships, marriage and being in love – this is what singles daydream of and aspire to in order to be happier and more fulfilled, right?

Well, not always. Not according to these Health24 readers, at least.

Even healthy relationships face difficulties, and almost all relationships are affected by typical challenges. From financial difficulties to problems with in-laws and infidelity, love can be harder than all those hopeless romantics out there think.

If you can relate to any of these readers’ relationship troubles, the tips from the experts might help you too.

1. A cheating partner:

Infidelity is nothing new and is still one of the leading causes of breakups, but many couples opt to continue their relationship after one of the partners has committed adultery. However, what would you do if you forgave your partner and then found that they were still in contact with their lover?

That’s exactly what happened to Aarti. She writes:

Learn from the expert:

Couples counselling is not the only option available to couples experiencing similar difficulties. For a marriage to survive infidelity, both individuals need to deal with the deceit and trauma before they can repair the relationship. Read the full expert response on how to deal with betrayal and how to get past the hurt of infidelity.

2. Abuse

Abuse comes in different forms. Whether abuse is subtle or gross, it is always unpleasant, and its effect on a relationship is often devastating. This reader shares her story on the toll alcohol is taking on her relationship.

Alcohol consumption can become a problem in a relationship, especially when one partner doesn’t drink. But, being dependent on a substance is not only bad for a relationship, it has repercussions for the individual too.

Learn from the expert:

Our expert says that it is hard for alcoholics to change if the decision to stop drinking isn’t made of their own free will. If you are in a similar situation and need help with a spouse that abuses alcohol, read our expert’s advice to Mimi – dealing with a spouse that abuses alcohol.

3. Trouble with the in-laws

This is probably the oldest problem in the book – many married people cannot stand their spouse’s parents. This Health24 reader says she hates her mother in law so much that it’s affecting her health.

Learn from the expert:

CyberShrink advises this reader on how to deal with her hatred toward her mother-in-law without giving her too much power and without damaging her relationship with her husband.

When it comes to maintaining a lasting and fulfilling relationship, you may be required to walk the extra mile and make certain sacrifices – without it causing any further unhappiness. If you are uncertain about the health of your relationship, ask our expert for advice.