There are some things that should never be present in any relationship – these include dishonesty, emotional abuse and sexual abuse. The following signs will help you identify an unhealthy relationship.

Your partner is constantly:

  1. putting you down and making you feel worthless
  2. pressuring you to do things you don’t want to
  3. being unnecessarily jealous
  4. trying to control different aspects of your life (such as who you see and what your wear).

Getting help in an abusive relationship

Talking about abuse is never easy, but admitting it to yourself is often the hardest step. The next thing is to tell someone else – you don’t have to go through this alone, and they can help you get support. Think about a relative, friend or teacher who will be supportive and have the maturity to help you.

There’s also lots of professional help available. Look online to find a national helpline, which can advise you about further help and may also offer emotional support. Talking to a healthcare professional or counsellor can also be a good starting point – they can offer confidential advice on what to do next.