Apple has unveiled the highly-anticipated, new iPhone 7.

The new model is water and dust resistant, has a larger screen and camera aperture.

Other upgrades include,“the fastest ever smartphone chip,” stereo speakers, new wireless headphones called ‘air pods’, a larger memory and battery life and an integrated headphone and charger port.

Nintendo’s Super Mario will also be available on the latest model.

The Apple Watch series 2 was also presented amid much excitement about Nintendo’s “Pokemon Go” being available on the device.

Tech Analyst Patrick Moorhead predicted a dramatic increase in sales for the apple watch series 2, saying: “…the next wave could be ten times the size of that (the last) market.”

Wall Street wasn’t so sure. On Wednesday Apple’s stock was down 0.3% while Nintendo’s shot up by 20% thanks to gaining a new market for their games.

The watch will be released on 16 September and the iPhone 7 is expected on the same date. – Euronews