Some men do have the habit of laying hand on their wife & some women are also full with pride, lack submission to their own husband.

How can wife handle their violent husband & how can husband treat their stubborn wife in matrimonial home

VIOLENT!!! A violent husband is not just a man that only raises his hands on his woman, but also uses weapon,some uses belt, Cain and other sharp object..It is definitely not easy to have a man with such qualities nod still be happy to call him husband, cos I still believe that no matter what it is wrong to raise your hands on a woman much more using weapons on her and especially in d presence of your kids.

A lot of married women are suffering in their matrimonial home and some of them still bear all of dis either cos of their kids, and some cos of having to deal with being a single mother..I can tolerate anything from a man but not violence cos it is best to walk out when you still alive and can take care of your kids than to walk out dead or with a swollen face all the time cos it only takes d grace of God to change a man with such qualities..STUBBORNNESS!!!

Every woman is stubborn in their own different ways it just depends on what u cal stubborn, as a man ready to settle down u should know how to tolerate your woman, most men dont accept sorry even wen d woman says sorry infarct that is wen their eagle will increase, no matter how much u say sorry a violent man will always react to everything.

It only takes d grace of God to have a man like that and be happy, there is a limit to one endurance and what every man or woman can take, thats y u choose your life partner wisely..Women should b submissive and learn to apologies wen u wrong.

Men should also learn to control your anger and how to deal with your wife, avoid violence cos it is definitely  not d solution to making your woman submissive rather you destroying your home..Nd avoid arguing and quarreling in d presence of your kid cos u also destroying them by doing that.