A total of 54 persons have been disenfranchised over double registrations at three different polling stations in the Upper Manya Krobo constituency in the Eastern Region.

No arrest have been made in connection with the double registration by security present.

The polling stations included Asesewa town council hall, 15, Timersu RC school 18 and Akateng DA Primary B, 26.

The Polling Officer at the Asesewa Town Hall polling station, Nartey John Kwesi confirmed that the double registrants were all denied access to vote.

Most of the victims blamed it on the voter transfer as the cause of their double registrations.

One of the victims who spoke on anonymity expressed disappointment for being denied access to vote.

She contends her double registration was not intentional insisting she re-registered after her voter identification card got missing before the limited registration exercise.

A total of 40,173 registered voters were expected to cast their votes in 104 different polling stations in the Upper Manya Krobo constituency.