Apple’s wireless AirPods were the subject of much excitement when the tech giant announced them this year.

With the new iPhone 7 came wireless earphones, all small and modern and – possibly – irritating.

Yes. While getting rid of wires (and the headphone jack) is clearly moving with the times, people are concerned they’ll get lost and fall out of ears.

Well, we imagine people will lose the AirPods. There’s no escaping that. But Apple CEO Tim Cook absolutely assures us that the earphones won’t fall out, as this marathon runner attests.

Do you believe him? A man called Andrew Cornett apparently doesn’t. The New Yorker’s come up with a new way of making sure the £159 earbuds stay in…

Sorry if that was a bit much. You’re not alone – not everyone can contend with the idea.

But there are plenty more who’ve been applauding it. It is quite good, even if it is a bit gross.