A 65-YEAR-OLD man John Yaw Essel has said God has sent him to cast out all demons that have taken over this country in 10 years which has imposed death, sickness and hardship on the Ghanaians.

According to the man who goes by the Promise Messiah Onyame Somafo Yaw, his mission is to destroy the evil work of the devil to enable mankind to accomplish the fulfillment of God on earth and also to exorcise demons in the country so that Ghana can become like Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Speaking to Kasapa News during a special monthly prayer of his camp, Asomdwee, Ntontom, Nkabom Som meaning (Religion of Peace, Exaltation and Unity) at Mankessim which was attended by hundreds of people from of various religious faiths

The self-acclaimed promise messiah however revealed that he has delivered about 5,000 people within the last two from the hands of the devil through his spiritual warfare and none of them has been troubled ever since.

“At this minute, I have been sent by God to cast out all demons in this country. God came with three nations Israel, Mecca and Ghana. He has prepared Israel and Mecca it is now the turn of Ghana. And, I have been sent by Him to cast all evil spirits. So, I will visit towns and cities to deliver this mandate.

“For the 10 years He has given me, I am in the second year and I have delivered over 5000 people and now, I am casting out demons. The demons are in human beings and as we pray whoever is possessed is be delivered.

He added: “I have 10 years to deliver all these and Ghana will become like Israel and Mecca and Ghana will be free and people will be gainfully employed, the death, sickness and the hardship will be reduced.
“I don’t use any medicine or oil to deliver anybody. I just used my hands and the people are delivered,” he added.
365 shrines destroyed?

Earlier, he said over 365 shrines belonging to fetish and traditional priests will be been destroyed through his spiritual warfare.

Giving a breakdown of the shrines identified to be carrying out wicked activities against humankind such as killing by the use of spiritual means, and other atrocious acts, Osomafo Yaw Said 75 of these shrines were identified in the Western Region, 47 were in the Brong Ahafo Region, 75 in the Ashanti Region, 96 in the Eastern Region, 107 in the Volta Region and 55 in the Greater Accra Region.

The promise messiah Onyame Somafo Yaw was born at Ekumfi Dunkwa, a small town near Mankessim in the Central Region on February 28, 1952.