Every woman is beautiful in her own way and what makes her stands out, is the beauty glamouring inside of her Inner Self.

The expensive accessories, shoes and clothing are not the true epitome of beauty. These are materials which can be bought with money, likewise men whose true handsomeness is what is bottled inside of them and not obviously the expensive shirts, shoes, watches or wealth.

Most men today tend to concentrate on the physical more than they do with the inner being. Yes, it is a norm most men are moved by what they see though. But are you going to throw blindly your brains away and use your sight for judgment in choosing a bride and end up with regrets? Same way ladies pay attention to the looks (expensive shoes, shirts), car and house.

In fact, prioritizing on these materials as a condition to choose a bride or groom is causing more harm than good. It a trend of this our era and has caused countless divorces and when it not divorce, unhappiness of many homes.

Selecting a partner based on their physical looks, is like seeing a girl during the night dressed in gold and broad day light, she looks like filth with no clothes on.

Every person’s inner being defines his or her actual beauty.

These should be some of the questions one need to ask before arriving at how beautiful a person truely  is;

  1. How truthful and sincere is he or she.
  2. Is he or she someone who keeps secrets
  3. Is he or she a theif
  4. How respectful and polite is he or she
  5. Can he or she forgive and forget when I wrong
  6. Can she cook or is he hardworking and not some kind of a lazy man etc

These questions leads you to the person’s inner self which isn’t seen on the physical but takes time to spot.

How then should it be a regular routine to pick girls on the street and that same day begin showing interest all based on the physical you have seen?

It pays to wait to weigh opportunities and finally grab the most beneficial based on long-term, peace and happiness scale.

For these materials put on are available in the market and can be bought.

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No need chasing things which can be bought?

Rather, chase after the Inner Self Beauty, the beauty one can never get in the market.

Youth of today call something “presentable” which means to look suitable or good enough, especially in a way you are dressed.

I believe anybody can look presentable. Why because, nobody came from the womb with clothes looking gorgeously presentable.

My problem is why don’t chase after what money can’t buy and probably fix what can be bought rather than chase after what money can buy and later wish to fix what money can’t buy with money which obviously won’t be possible?

Chase after the Inner Self Beauty instead of the material beauty and help him or her look presentable as you please it.