Tagoe Sisters on Kasapa Entertainment

Veteran gospel duo Tagoe Sisters, known privately as Lydia Dedei Yawson and Elizabeth Korkoi Tagoe have stated that they don’t take money after performing at churches programmes such as praise and worship concerts.

According to them, they don’t see the need to take money since they minister at such events to worship God for his goodness and mercies, but added that they will only charge before they perform when organizers of such events charge gate fees.

There’s been a long standing argument between gospel artistes and a section of the public over whether its right or wrong for gospel musicians to charge fees prior to performing at event centres.

But for the Legendary pair, gospel music should be a ministry where an individual, group give praise to God without necessarily demanding any wage if the purpose of the event is not intended to derive money from audience.

According to the ‘Yedi Nkunim’ crooners, it has always been their desire to minister at churches without taking a dime because they are not driven by monetary considerations.

“We do gospel music to praise God and it’s certainly not a business to us. Gospel music isn’t business but a ministry. We preach through melody,” Tagoe sisters said on Kasapa Entertainment.

In an interview with Kojo Preko Dankwa, Tagoe Sisters reiterated that though the Bible states clearly that those who preach the gospel should receive their living from it, yet they don’t conider that as their only means of livelihood as others do.

The gospel duo also said, they have observed that the quality of gospel music produced in Ghana lately is more of lamentations than song ministration which should be in the form of evangelism.

“The lyrics of the songs are always laced with requests and this is not the main purpose of music. There is no inspiration in the songs and some people are only doing it for life. It is important to give inspiration spiritually when the songs you produce are being played but this is not so in recent times”, they noted.

According to them, there is a drastic change in the genres of gospel music which has eventually led to the deviation from the core purpose of coming out with music which should have service to the Lord as the priority.

“We get hurt when we watch television these days. You hear musicians talking about travelling passports, marriage and others instead of praising the most high God who sees your need and will accordingly give it to you”, they added.

The sensational gospel music duo, in their 34 years in the ministry have not looked back, and they continue to share their experiences with people all over the world who are affected by their music in different ways.

Their exciting music has travelled all over the world, transcending cultural and political barriers, leaving joy and inspirations wherever they performed.

Tagoe Sisters are currently promoting their new single titled ‘Adonai’.