President Akufo Addo says his administration’s development agenda for Ghana is not driven by partisan politics but to bring development to all of Ghana.

Addressing the inhabitants of James Town at the site earmarked for the construction of the James Town Fishing Harbour for which he cut the sod for same to commence, President Akufo Addo said his government is looking at the development of Ghana not through the eyes of party politics.

“We are not gearing the development of the nation to areas that support us and neglecting areas that do not support us,” the President said. He added that, “We are determined to develop Ghana, all of Ghana. What is going on is development that meets the needs of the people not development that responds to partisan political consideration”.

The James Town Harbour

President Akufo Addo indicated that since 1965, the James Town Fishing Harbour has been on the drawing board. Several attempts he says have been made to get it off the ground, all of which have not seen the light of day.

“We have seen sod cuttings I believe on five different occasions. They have been done but no actual construction has begun. Today we are going to see something different. There is going to be a sod cutting which will be followed by the construction of the Harbour,” the President stated.

Funding of the Project

The project according to the President is being made possible by a 60 million dollar grant from the Chinese government. President Akufo Addo on behalf of the Ghanaian people thanked the Chinese President Xi Jinping, for the act of solidarity and friendship shown to Ghana. He added that with the seriousness the Chinese government attaches to the project, the country this time round will move from the drawing board onto the ground and the country will see the actual construction of the James Town Harbour.

Request for Support

He beseeched the people of James Town to give the Chinese contractors all the necessary support as they commence the construction activities on the ground.

“I am asking you to support the Chinese engineers and contractors who are going to be responsible for the construction. Give them your maximum support and make sure by doing so, we will ensure that very soon this project that has been like a dream will become reality and I will take some small credit for being the President under whose time this development took place,” the President said. – Wilberforce Asare