It is definitely a thorny issue that has sparked a mixed reaction among many after the court of appeal recommended a review of sexual consent age downwards.

In a case where sexual debut among teenagers is on the sporadic rise, a tale of one young man brian, not her real name, from Kibera stands out.

Brian, aged 17, has made leaps and bounds on sexual engagements that are seemingly going to render him a father of three in a span of one year.

Despite having reportedly denied the allegations, three teenage girls are already pregnant to his name.

In an interview with NTV journalist, one of the girls, Joan, not her real name, admitted to having met Brian in a photo shoot session which marked the beginning of their romantic affair.

In less than two months, the girl says, she discovered her journey of being a mother had begun. Shockingly, it was not only her but also her best friend who was impregnated by the same boy.

“Tuko madem watatu saizi wenye tunajua tuko na mimba yake..yangu iko na six months mwingine beste yangu ako na 3 months but mimi sijui ya huyo wa tatu( we are three ladies who are pregnant to his name, I am six months pregnant, my friend is also pregnant of three months. I don’t know much about the third girl.)”, Joan told NTV.

According to one of the victims, the boy was arrested and remanded at Lang’ata police station for one month and later released.

In Kenya, approximately one in five girls aged 15-19 have already had a baby or are pregnant.

A trend that is robbing many girls all over the world of their childhood and education. And as the debate is bound to continue on the right age for sexual consent, its inarguable that the role parents in taming early pregnancy remain the key foundation.