Vote counting is still underway in a handful of key battleground states that will decide who wins the White House.

So far, Biden has 243 electoral college votes and Trump has 214. To win the presidency, 270 are needed.

But while we do not yet know the winner, we do know other things about this year’s vote.

Preliminary figures show the highest turnout since 1900, with 66.9% of eligible voters casting their ballot compared with 60.1% in 2016.

Graph shows preliminary turnout figures

Exit poll data from across the US has also given a glimpse into voters’ priorities and an indication of how different demographic groups have cast their ballots.

In his speech on election night, Donald Trump called the vote “a fraud on the American public”.

The Trump campaign now wants to stop the count in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia and Michigan, claiming – without evidence – that there is voter fraud.