The Member of Parliament for Nhyiaeso, Dr. Stephen Amoah has announced that draconian steps are being taken by the assembly to begin apprehending people below 18 years undertaking betting activities in the area.

According to the legislator, by-law has been drafted to that effect and will soon commence by assembly authorities.

He said the move is part of steps to clamp down on criminal activities in the Constituency especially reducing crime among young people.

Dr Stephen Amoah believes many children sometimes steal or deceive their parents to get money in order to engage in betting.

Speaking on the Abusua Nkomo on Abusua FM, the MP further revealed that apart from restraining children from indulging in betting activities, the assembly will also ensure that minors are restricted from buying alcoholic drinks and other hard substances.

He noted “What we are going to do now in Nhyieaso is that children below 18 years will be arrested at betting organizations if they engage in betting, we will also arrest children possessing or buying alcohol and other hard substances. We will arrest them even when they are sent by their parents. And one important strategy we are going to deploy is by telling children to always show their ID cards when engaging in any of these, if they’re below 18 we will arrest them as done elsewhere.

“The time children will say Manchester United will score Chelsea, Chelsea will score Liverpool, I will win this bet today, then we are there to arrest them, he added.

He indicated that a number of committees have already been set to help deal with the menace in the Constituency.

The Lawmaker also disclosed that plans are far advanced to organize workshops and other training events for the teeming youth within the Nhyieaso area on the need to eschew crime and increase productivity.

He’s convinced the step will go a long way to drastically reduce criminal activities in the Constituency.

Source: Fatawu Bayaga