Three officers who were implicated in the issuance of fake COVID-19 test certificates at the Jubilee House Medical Centre are to be processed for court.

This follows the completion of a probe by the National Intelligence Bureau (NIB) into their clandestine act exposed by The Fourth Estate investigations titled “Fraud at COVID-19 labs: Frontiers, Jubilee House Clinic Involved”.

After seven months of investigations since the expose was published, a letter from the Office of the President addressed to The Fourth Estate on Friday said it had received NIB’s report on the matter.

“Three officers at the Laboratory unit of the Jubilee House Medical Centre were implicated in the alleged issuance of falsified COVID-19 PCR test results,” the letter said.

“The State Security Agency is working with other relevant state institutions to process the officers for court regarding their involvement in the matter,” it added.

The letter, signed by the Chief Director at the Presidency, H. M. Wood, also indicated that the culprits had since been removed from the Jubilee House Medical Centre.

The letter was in response to a request from The Fourth Estate to the Office of the President for an update on the matter.

“This Office wrote to the Ministry of Health to withdraw the implicated officers from the Jubilee House Medical Centre and the Ministry has since withdrawn them,” it said.

In the investigative piece released on December 9, 2021, a staff of the Jubilee House Clinic was caught on tape demanding ₵500 from the undercover agent after which he issued a negative COVID-19 certificate to the undercover agent, without testing.

Also implicated in the exposé was a staff of Frontiers Healthcare Services, who demanded GH₵900 each from two undercover agents and issued two negative COVID-19 certificates to them.

The management of Frontiers Healthcare Services, the sole company licensed by the state to undertake the mandatory Covid-19 antigen test at the airport, in a meeting with The Fourth Estate, had denied any involvement of its staff in the issuance of negative COVID-19 test certificates. The company, however, did not comment when the documentary was published with evidence that implicated their staff.

Sources within the company told The Fourth Estate that Frontiers dismissed the said employee after the publication.

Following the report, the Office of the President ordered the NIB to investigate the matter.