Nepotism is an advantage, privilege or position that is granted to relatives and friends in an occupation or field, which includes business, politics, religion etc.

I don’t remember any of the relatives of J. J. Rawlings and Prof. Atta-Mills in their respective governments. I know John Kuffour appointed a brother to be the Defense Minister and John Mahama also appointed a cousin to be a Deputy Transport Minister.

Nana Akufo-Addo, who accused John Mahama of practicing a nepotistic government, and promised he will never do that, came and has appointed about thirty of his relatives and thirty of his friends into his blotted government.

The 2023 budget was read on Thursday by a cousin of Nana Addo, who is the Finance Minister. He was supposed to resign or be fired after reading the budget.

So, why is Ken Ofori-Atta still at post if he were not the cousin of the president? Will he be fired next week, next month or next year? No one knows. The 95 NPP MPs, at the press conference, said their constituents don’t like Ken Ofori-Atta because of the way he has mismanaged the economy that has brought untold hardship on Ghanaians. Inflation is 40.4% and the dollar is now GHC 15.00. Prices of fuel are way up.

The budget was read on the same day Ghana was playing Portugal in the World Cup. Do you think it was just a coincidence?  Let me tell you some of the highlights in the Sika mp3 dede budget:

  1. VAT has been increased by 2.5%. Meaning more taxes and you pay more for goods and services, in these tough times.
  2. E-Levy has been reduced from 1.5% to 1% but it now affects every transaction from GHC 1.00 and up. The GHC100 minimum transfer to attract E-Levy has been abolished.
  3. The public sector employment has been frozen. This means the government is no longer going to employ you. You are messed up.

Nana Akufo Addo is still keeping Ken Ofori-Atta and many of his non-performing appointees because of his nepotistic government. Nana Addo knows they are sinking the country but because of the family-ties, he is sacrificing the country for them.

Didn’t the former government of Sri-Lanka collapse the country because of this same nepotistic government? Didn’t the people of Sri-Lanka force the head of that criminal-ruling government to resign? In Ghana, where are the men? Where are Rev. Martey, Dr. Otabil, and Rev. Owusu Bempah. The Most Reverend Palmer-Buckle and those so called men of God who used John Mahama’s government to preach on Sundays?

Sri-Lanka sank because of a nepotistic government. Ghana is sinking fast because of the same nepotistic government. The danger is that in Ghana, there are no men to rescue the country from these criminal enterprise and before we would say, Jack, Ghana would be gone.

I heard that Hopeson Adorye has been sacked because he doesn’t support Dr. Bawumiah. Hahaha. After all that he did to Serwaa Broni, he has just realized that he wasn’t part of the nepotistic government.

Mahama reba
Dr. Lawrence Appiah is the Communicators Officer hopeful in the United States.